Which Type of Rhinoplasty?

There are various factors that will impact what type of rhinoplasty is best for you based on;

–       What type of corrections you want

–       If you have had any previous rhinoplasty surgery

–       The experience and training that the surgeon has had.

Rhinoplasty in most cases can either be closed (endonasal) or open (external). When closed rhinoplasty is performed, the surgeon will make incisions inside the nose and in open rhinoplasty the surgeon will make an incision in between the nostrils, which helps the soft tissues of the nose to become elevated. In open rhinoplasty there will be a small visible scar post operation, however this fades very quickly and is not very easy for the naked eye to see.

When considering which type of rhinoplasty is best for you it is important that you discuss all of the pros and cons of each option with your surgeon before making a final decision.

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