Why Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasy is cosmetic nose surgery that is carried out to change either the shape and size of a nose or make alterations that will improve a patients breathing. Rhinoplasy can also be referred to as nose reshaping.

There are three main types of rhinoplasty…

Standard rhinoplasty- this is a full nose correction that includes the bridge, nose tip and nostrils

Septo-rhinoplasty- this is a full nose correction and also includes changes to the nasal septum (the partition of cartilage in the nose)

Rhino tip- this operation makes corrections to the tip and alar bases.

How is rhinoplasty performed?

In most cases a rhinoplasty operation is performed under general anaesthetic. rhinoplasty can take up to 2 hours to perform and patients should expect swelling which should subside after 10-14 days

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